Alpha GPC (AlphaSize®)

Alpha GPC is a cholinergic compound which may improve cognitive function and enhance exercise performance.

Singular Sport Alpha GPC contains nothing but AlphaSize®, a highly reliable form which also happens to be the kind used in most of the studies involving Alpha GPC.

Like all Singular Sport products, our Alpha GPC is third party tested and therefore guaranteed to contain only the stated ingredients with absolutely no heavy metals or contaminants.

Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine, or Alpha GPC for short, is a cholinergic compound which is naturally found in small amounts in foods such as eggs and meat.

Unfortunately, most foods which contain Alpha GPC don't offer any enough to elicit the nootropic or performance enhancing effects that users of the supplement are looking for.

This is why, unlike many other nutrients, supplementation is required.  You can't realistically get enough of it through your diet.

What Is Alpha GPC?

Alpha Glycerylphosphocholine can be categorized as a Choline-containing phospholipid.  

This simply means it serves as a both a Choline source AND supports the structure of (brain) cell membranes.  

It's about 40% Choline by weight.  The "Glycerylphospho" portion makes up the other 60%.  

The Choline portion can be used to make Acetylcholine while the Glycerol/Phosphate portion is used to form Phospholipids which form cell membranes.

Why Do People Supplement With Alpha GPC?

Alpha GPC is widely used as both a nootropic (cognitive enhancer) and performance enhancer.

These may seem like very different purposes, but they're actually related.  

You see, Alpha GPC is one of the few cholinergic (Choline-containing) compounds which is actually well absorbed enough to increase Acetylcholine levels in the brain.

Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter (chemical messenger) which is responsible for a wide range of functions including:

  1. Memory/Learning
  2. Muscle Contraction

So actually, people who use Alpha GPC for the cognitive benefits and people who use Alpha GPC for the performance benefits are actually doing the same thing:

Increasing Acetylcholine levels.

The (Proven) Benefits Of Alpha GPC

Although Alpha GPC remains relatively obscure compared to some mainstream supplements (like Fish Oil), it has actually been studied a fair amount.  While more research may find additional benefits, we already know of a couple that definitely make it worth supplementing with.

Alpha GPC Enhances Exercise Performance

Because of it's ability to boost Acetylcholine levels, Alpha GPC has long been suspected of increasing the force with which our muscles contract.  Until the last decade or so, this remained un-tested.

That changed, however, in 2008 when a study published in The Journal Of The International Society Of Sports Nutrition found that acute (one-time) supplementation with 600mg of Alpha GPC increased explosive force during exercise by an average of 14%.

The subjects in this study were normal, healthy males who had at least a couple years of lifting experience.  In other words, they weren't new to working out.

Similar results were obtained in a 2015 study published in the same journal, this time using 600mg/day for 6 straight days.

Another 2015 study found a similar trend toward increased vertical jump power.

When you consider the results of all of these studies together, it's clear that Alpha GPC can enhance exercise performance.  Specifically, it can cause your muscles to contract with more explosive force.  

This is of course beneficial for just about anyone who works out, but especially for athletes.

Alpha GPC Improves Cognitive Function

As an well-absorbed, efficient source of Choline, Alpha GPC already has a mechanism by which it may improve cognitive function, but it also has another way of supporting brain function.

Phospholipids are major components of cell membranes.  They are integral for the proper formation and ongoing health of brain cells.

The Glycerol/Phosphate portion of Alpha GPC makes it a Phospholipid.  Aside from Citicoline, Alpha GPC is the only known Choline-source to also support the structure and function of cell membranes.

For this reason, it has been investigated as a potential cognitive enhancement agent.

Most of the studies involving cognitive function has looked specifically at how Alpha GPC can benefit those with cognitive disorders such as Alzheimers or Dementia.  

Only a couple studies have been conducted to measure the impact of Alpha GPC on the brains of healthy subjects...

The same study which found that Alpha GPC increased vertical jump force also noted that Alpha GPC supplementation appears to improve certain aspects of mental function.

Only one other study has put the cognitive enhancement properties of Alpha GPC to the test in healthy, young people.  There were definitely some benefits, but unfortunately this study combined Alpha GPC with Phosphatidylserine and Caffeine.  So, the benefits can't be entirely attributed to Alpha GPC.

When viewed collectively, the preliminary research indicates  that Alpha GPC may actually be an effective cognitive enhancer, even in healthy individuals.

Compared to the performance enhancement capabilities, these benefits are as concrete in the eyes of science though.

Additional Benefits Of Alpha GPC

It's probably worth mentioning that Alpha GPC supplementation has also been shown to increase Fatty Acid oxidation and enhance Growth Hormone release.

An increase in GH secretion has been observed in multiple studies at this point so it's considered pretty reliable.  Unfortunately, what remains unclear is whether this GH-release is long-lived enough to actually convey some of the benefits of increased GH levels.

The increase in Fatty Acid oxidation was only observed in one study so far and it didn't measure fat-loss in the long-term.  So, it's unclear whether Alpha GPC can favorably impact fat-loss over time.

These benefits are worth mentioning, but we don't market Alpha GPC with these claims attached simply because they haven't been fully explored by modern science.

Alpha GPC Dosing

The clinical dose (the dose used in studies which found benefits) for Alpha GPC is between 600 and 1200mg.

To increase explosive force and power during exercise, take 600mg prior to training.

To support brain function and possible enhance cognitive function, try 1200mg split throughout the day.

Most Alpha GPC products claim a serving size is 300mg, but this is a pretty arbitrary dose in the eyes of science.  You really need at least 600mg for the benefits to become noticeable.

What To Expect With Alpha GPC

Research indicates that Alpha GPC can increase power output with just one dose.  The brain-boosting benefits may take longer to become noticeable.

Of course, you're much more likely to notice the cognitive benefits if you have trouble remembering or thinking about things.

If that's the case, prolonged supplementation may result in a more clear-headed feeling and the ability to recall things that you normally wouldn't be able to.

The benefits of Alpha GPC tend to be subtle, but noticeable nonetheless.

Are There Any Side Effects With Alpha GPC?

No, Alpha GPC is considered extremely safe.  It has literally never been shown to cause any adverse reaction of any kind.  

It's considered perfectly safe for a human to consume 1600mg which is a lot more than you even need to consume to obtain the benefits.

The Importance Of A Reliable Source

Most Alpha GPC is created synthetically and the process if fairly complicated.  For that reason, where you're getting your Alpha GPC (the source) is one of the most important factors.

There are many manufacturers of off-brand Alpha GPC, but these sources are generally not reliable.

Often times, off-brand Alpha GPC is either not as pure as it's supposed to be or is contaminated in some way.

This is why we opted to use AlphaSize®, a highly purified, reliable form of Alpha GPC which just so happens to be the kind used in most of the studies.

You can roll the dice on an off-brand Alpha GPC supplement, but if you want to be completely sure you're getting what you're paying for, AlphaSize® is really the only way to go.

Alpha GPC
The Bottom Line

Whether you're an athlete looking to gain a competitive edge, or a bodybuilder looking to make the most of his/her workouts, Alpha GPC is worth using.

It may also be one of the only brain-boosters out there that actually works in normal, healthy people. 

Ingredients & Use

Alpha GPC


As a dietary supplement consume 1-2 capsules per day with or without food.  

For performance enhancement, consume 2 capsules prior to exercise.


This product is not intended for use by individuals who may be at risk of, or have been diagnosed with, serious medical conditions.  Consult your physician prior to use.

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